Come and work with us!

We are looking for a new lawyer to join our firm. We offer a stimulating and supportive workplace, with a committed team and a number of highly experienced lawyers providing excellent supervision. The people we work with, and the people we work for, are our priority. As well as providing a high level of service to our own clients, we are committed to the promotion of social justice and the development of the laws that affect families in New Zealand.

As we are based in Wellington we have the advantage of being able to be involved in Law Society events and committees. We do lots of volunteer work including providing advice at the busy Wellington Community Law Centre. Our lawyers write for Lexis Nexis on relationship property, and we think it is important to make submissions to government on proposed legislation, like the review of the Property (Relationships) Act and the Family Court Reforms. We are frequently asked to present seminars for the NZLS CLE, Legalwise and other organisations.

We are looking for a new lawyer with strong academic and communication skills, and developing advocacy skills. In order to fit in with our team, we’d like someone who is outgoing, community minded and interested in broader issues of family law development and social policy. We’d like someone who has already qualified as a lead provider for legal aid.

If you are interested, please contact Jacinda on –